Arm Lift

Arm LiftAn arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper, underarm area.  This procedure is an excellent option for men or women who have experienced excessive weight loss or just have laxity of the skin due to the normal aging process. An arm lift can help reshape and tighten the loose and sagging skin.

Length of Surgery

This procedure is done under general anesthesia at an outpatient facility.  The procedure takes approximately 4 hours.  Typically an overnight stay is required and patients can go home the next day.


The average patient is back to work within 2-3 weeks and back to unrestricted activity, such as exercise within 6-8 weeks.

If you’re considering an arm lift and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barber or Dr. Scurry to discuss your options call our office at 336-275-3430 or click here to contact us.

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