Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to lift sagging breasts in order to create a firmer breast and restore a more youthful appearance.  There are a number of factors that contribute to sagging breasts, the most common is time and the aging process, gravity, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy.  This is a very common procedure performed by Dr. Barber and Dr. Scurry.  In some cases, breast implants may also be placed at the time of the lift if breasts are small or if they have lost fullness due to repeated pregnancy or simply the aging process.

During the confidential consultation with Dr. Barber or Dr. Scurry, they will discuss your specific surgical needs, implants where appicable, the potential risk of the surgery, and answer any questions that you have specific to your case.


Length of Surgery

This procedure is typically done in our on-site AAAHC accredited surgical suite under general anesthesia.  The procedure is usually between 2 to 3 hours and patients can expect to go home 1 to 2 hours after the procedure is complete.



The average patient is back to work within one week and back to unrestricted activity, such as exercise, within 4-6 weeks.


Before & After Photos

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If you’re considering a Breast Lift, please contact us online by clicking here or call us at 336-275-3430.

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