Vectra® 3D Imaging

The Vectra® XT 3D Imaging System by Canfield is a revolutionary devise that allows the HKB Greensboro to take a 360°, three dimensional image of a potential patient at their consultation.  Once the image is captured, our doctors can then assess the image with the patient, educate them about the recommended procedure, and simulate the potential outcomes.  Patients have the ability to see what different size, shape, and brands of implants look like on their body.  The software has the ability to rotate the image 360° which allows the patient to see their potential outcome from a variety of different views and angles.

Along with this state of the art technology, patients have access to the ViewMyConsult portal.  Images taken and simulations generated by the Vectra® XT Imaging System at consultation can then be uploaded to the ViewMyConsult portal if a patient so desires.  This protected portal will allow patients to go home and view their photos and potential outcomes in the privacy of their own home.  We have found the simulated images to be very helpful to patients in the decision making process.

Currently, we offer 3D Imaging only for patients interested in breast augmentation and breast lift procedures.  There is no extra cost for incorporating Vectra® XT 3D Imaging in to the consultation.  If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation to learn more about a breast procedure and see a simulated result of what can be achieved for you, please call our office at 336-275-3430 or click here.



Example Simulation


ViewMyConsult Portal

Simulated outcome photos are only saved and uploaded to the portal at the patients request.  Please inform the staff at your consultation if you would like access to this feature.  You will be given your personal access information at that time.  Already had a consultation and want to see your simulated photos at home?  Follow the link below.


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