Sclerotherapy is an effective medical procedure used for years to eliminate spider veins on the legs. It involves injecting a solution into the unsightly veins. The solution causes the vein to seal shut and over time it turns to scar tissue and fades from view. Liz Wert, one of the Injection Specialists here at the HKB Greensboro, will begin offering Sclerotherapy treatments on Fridays beginning January 2020. Liz has been performing this treatment for patients since 2007. We are excited to have her at the HKB Greensboro and expand our list of services to include Sclerotherapy for our patients.


Patients are required to wear thigh high compression stockings (20-30 strength) for 48 hours non-stop (no showering) after treatment. Stockings can be purchased from most medical supply stores or here in our office. Compression stockings must then be worn for an additional 2 weeks while the patient is on his or her feet. Patients will need to discontinue high impact activities, such as running, tennis and biking for 2 weeks post treatment. Flying long distances, 2 or more hours, is discouraged for 2 weeks post treatment as well.


$325 per syringe (an average treatment is 1-2 syringes)

$50 Compression Stockings

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