Joanne has worked in the cosmetic surgery industry for over 20 years.  She has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge of cosmetic surgery procedures including the procedures offered here at the Barber Center.  Joanne joined the Barber Center team in March of 2012 and works alongside Dr. Barber assisting patients with the consultation, pre-operative, and post-operative process.

It is her passion to closely interact with patients, ensuring their comfort and confidence as they navigate their plastic surgery experience.  She truly cares for all of our patients, being as honest and informative as possible.  Patients love Joanne’s bubbly personality and her ability to put even the most nervous patient at ease.  She is always available to answer a question or satisfy a patient concern.

Joanne is married and originally from Long Island.  She enjoys gardening, shopping, and playing with her basset hound pups.  To know Joanne is to love her!